Its all about the fashion!

I am 26 years old, and have yet to know exactly what I want to do with my career. However, I know this:
– I love fashion, A LOT.

– I geek out on pretty objects and anything made with leather.

– I was meant to do something creative.

– I spend way too much time on Pinterest / Tumblr looking at pretty pictures and wishing I could own them, or at least see them in person.

I have always wanted to blog and write about things that I am passionate about, but always had an excuse as to why it was never done. For example: “ain’t no one got time to blog everyday.”

The truth is, anyone can blog. At anytime. It is about having the motivation and not being lazy about it.
So, here I am, writing my first post. Maybe people will read it – at least that is the hope.